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It’s a new year. I have a blank page before me and it’s time to take a deep breath and start anew. One of the things that get me most excited about this time of year is the possibility for anything to happen. I get to dream big and hope bigger. Some of my own personal goals this year include getting back into running shape (hopefully a 10k is in my near future), eating fewer cookies and more raw and healthy foods, spending more time with family, investing in good friends, reading more, and allocating more time to be still. What about you? What are some of your goals for 2015? What are the things you’re hopeful for?

I’ve still got a lot of exciting changes in the works and many weddings to share still, but for now, in light of this blank page before us, I want to invite you to join me in working toward achieving some of our personal goals for living life to the fullest.

This January 24th and 25th (a few weeks away), the Spartan Race is coming to SoCal! If you haven’t heard of this race, check it out! It’s the perfect way to hit the ground running with our health and fitness goals. Even if you’re not in “Spartan shape”, they’ve got two races planned both for people like us (starting our goals), and also for those who live for a good physical challenge. If you’re reading this and thinking to you yourself/yelling at strangers around you “I AM SPARTAAAAA!” The 8+ mile super race on Jan. 24th with more than 20 obstacles sounds like the perfect adventure for you. And if you’re just entering the scene and just want a lower key fun race to do with friends, the 3+ mile sprint race on Jan. 25th with about 15 obstacles would be a great short term goal to start working towards.

So whether you’re just wanting to lose the holiday weight you collected over the last few months, or whether you’re getting in shape for a wedding this year, I hope you’ll join me in my quest to live 2015 healthier and more fit! Deep breath, let’s dive in….



If your interest has been sparked, here’s a discount code for you to use on any event (SoCal or otherwise).

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And for one lucky blog reader, I have one free race to give away (Good for any open heat (non-confirmed start time) in any Spartan Race in the continental US)! For every comment you leave on ANY blog post between now and 12pm PST on Jan 5th, 2015 , you’ll receive an entry to win! I’ll be randomly selecting the winner on Monday January 5th at noon PST, so make sure to leave your comments by then! Good luck!

  • January 1, 2015 - 10:48 pm

    Billy Jack Blankenship - I promise to wear a katenoellephotography patch on my race jersey. Surely to be a race spectacle as I do my 30 burpies. (I would yell “I. Am. Spaaaarta!” But you lifted my line.)

Philipp and Mirjam are two people you want in your life. They’re full of joy and smiles, they’re thoughtful and caring, and they’re just plain wonderful. They share of love of traveling and reggae music and their interest in people is very apparent in their life choices in regards to how they spend their time and what they do for work. Their entire wedding day was a joy to photograph and I feel so honored to have been asked to fly to Nürnberg, Germany to capture their day. A few things I couldn’t stop taking photos of were the feathered bodice of Mirjam’s dress (how elegant is that?!), the bright orange vintage Volkswagen Bus they affectionately called “Brüno”, and all the brightly colored details. Pretty much, it was a dream of a wedding! They chose a rather unique wedding venue called Gwächshaus in Nürnberg that doubles as a green house. Surrounded by foliage, farming fields, and their closest family and friends, they tied the knot and declared their love for one another. Here are the highlights from their lovely lovely wedding….wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-001wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-002wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-003wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-004wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-005wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-006wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-007wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-008wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-009wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-010wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-011wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-012wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-013wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-014wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-015wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-016wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-017wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-018wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-019wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-020wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-021wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-022wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-023wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-024wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-025wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-026wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-027wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-028wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-029wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-031wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-032wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-033wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-034wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-035wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-036wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-037wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-037wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-039wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-040wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-041wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-042wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-043wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-044wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-045wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-046wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-047wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-048wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-049wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-050wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-051wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-052wunderschön-hochzeitsfotos-nürnberg-gwächshaus-philipp-und-mirjam-053

Special thanks to my brilliant and handsome 2nd shooter, Christopher, and also my assistant for the day, Jasmin Alber! I couldn’t have done this without you two!

Venue: Gwächshaus, Dress: Herzog Brautmoden, Pronovias, Suit: Dolzer, Shoes: TOMS and Chucks, Flowers: DIY from the flower market, Caterer: Estragon, Cake: Godmother of Bride, DJ: Sebasian Ludwig

  • October 16, 2014 - 5:57 am

    Jeremy Chou - awesome wedding!!!

Chad and Amy met in the wildest of circumstances. Chad, a Kansas native had taken his discipleship training school (DTS) with YWAM Herrnhut and was working on staff leading the photography school. A lovely Aussie by the name of Amy also chose Herrnhut to be her DTS home and in the craziness of school and outreaches, they met. It was in this tiny town in East Germany that a passion for rescuing and serving victims of sex trafficking began to stir in their hearts, and simultaneously a deep love and mutual respect began to grow between them. On their journey to save the world, these two amazing human beings unexpectedly found a partner in crime and best friend for life.

With their family and friend scattered all over the globe, Chad and Amy decided to have a destination wedding in Santa Barbara, CA overlooking the beach. It was the perfect location for everyone to come, relax, enjoy the sights, and celebrate their love. I felt completely honored to be asked to photograph their wedding…. for multiple reasons, but mostly because I have so much respect for them, the life of service they’ve chosen to live, and the sheer talent they demonstrate in their creative fields. Here is the highlight reel from the day…. so many great moments….
santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-42santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-43santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-44santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-45Chad and Amy, thanks for including me in such a special day. I admire you both so much and my prayers go with you to Budapest as you start your lives together and begin a new chapter in ending sex trafficking. Keep pressing on and saving the world!

  • October 1, 2014 - 12:44 am

    Carissa Woo - Beautiful images, love the colors.

  • October 1, 2014 - 9:18 pm

    Natasha Glenn - cool reflection shot at the bride prep

  • October 3, 2014 - 10:36 pm

    Kenny Jones - GREAT images!

  • October 4, 2014 - 12:37 am

    Maree Johanson - So truly beautiful! ! Thanks for sharing. May God continue to empower you both as you love each other and do His work. Finding your best friend and soul mate is so awesome. Bless you both abundantly. Xxx

  • October 4, 2014 - 3:26 am

    Jean Ladkoo - Thanks for posting, so beautiful I had to reach for the tissues.

  • October 4, 2014 - 3:50 pm

    Robin Elander - Wow what a joyous day! Amy and Chad congratulations!