Chad and Amy met in the wildest of circumstances. Chad, a Kansas native had taken his discipleship training school (DTS) with YWAM Herrnhut and was working on staff leading the photography school. A lovely Aussie by the name of Amy also chose Herrnhut to be her DTS home and in the craziness of school and outreaches, they met. It was in this tiny town in East Germany that a passion for rescuing and serving victims of sex trafficking began to stir in their hearts, and simultaneously a deep love and mutual respect began to grow between them. On their journey to save the world, these two amazing human beings unexpectedly found a partner in crime and best friend for life.

With their family and friend scattered all over the globe, Chad and Amy decided to have a destination wedding in Santa Barbara, CA overlooking the beach. It was the perfect location for everyone to come, relax, enjoy the sights, and celebrate their love. I felt completely honored to be asked to photograph their wedding…. for multiple reasons, but mostly because I have so much respect for them, the life of service they’ve chosen to live, and the sheer talent they demonstrate in their creative fields. Here is the highlight reel from the day…. so many great moments….
santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-42santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-43santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-44santa-barbara-destination-wedding-photos-chad-and-amy-45Chad and Amy, thanks for including me in such a special day. I admire you both so much and my prayers go with you to Budapest as you start your lives together and begin a new chapter in ending sex trafficking. Keep pressing on and saving the world!

Carissa Woo

Beautiful images, love the colors.

Natasha Glenn

cool reflection shot at the bride prep

In their vows, they spoke of a life lived and past adventures. They gracefully noted that their histories would never lose importance and meaning in light of this new chapter. If anything, the journeys they’ve weathered have only better prepared them to enjoy the autumn and winter years of their life… with each other. Hunt and Tommi eloped this past weekend at the Old Orange County Courthouse in Santa Ana, CA with only their closest friends and family there to witness. I think what impressed me most about Hunt and Tommi’s wedding was how excited they were to spend the rest of their lives together having fun and simply being together in what they eloquently call their “autumn and winter years”… the last chapters in the story of their lives. They’re, by no means, going anywhere soon, but both being widowers, a great portion of their lives have been spent learning the importance of spending each day with intentionality, not knowing when we will breathe our last breath. That honed in perspective on life and love led them to the choice to seize the day and declare their intentions to have and hold one another until death parts them. It was such a beautiful little ceremony, so heart-felt, and inspiring. Here are my favorites from the afternoon…Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-01


And I have to share the reasons behind Tommi’s choice in flowers because I’ve never had a bride be so thoughtful and symbolic with her flowers before. Tommi chose red gerber daisies because they’re her favorite, she chose white gardenia’s to remember her late husband, white roses to remember Hunt’s late wife and also Tommi’s mom, ranunculus for Hunt’s mom, and she wrapped it all in red white and blue to remember both of their fathers who served in the US military. I loved the sentiment and how important loved ones are to these two.Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-02Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-03Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-04Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-05Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-06Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-07Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-08Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-09Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-10Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-11Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-12Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-13Orange-county-court-house-wedding-photos-hunt-and-tommi-14

Hunt and Tommi, you two are so wonderful. You are inspiring in so many ways, and I feel so lucky to have been asked to take part in your day. I wish you incredible joy and happiness… and I’m excited to see where this chapter of your story takes you. Hugs!

Shelbyandjason Patton

Great pictures, Kate!

Janet H. Jones

It must have been a wonderful day because you both look so happy. I would have loved to have been there and am very sorry that I wasn’t, but I am grateful for you both. Congratulations and many great times together.

Carrie Hurich

Fantastic on so many levels!! Love!

Pamela Zwahlen Freeman

Wonderful pictures of two very special people. What a great love story!

Patricia Pyle Berkeley


I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the Gamboa family throughout the last 5 years and each year, it’s fun seeing how everyone has grown and changed. Well this year, Anna is a Highschool senior! Whaaat?!! She requested a “Victoria Beckham” inspired senior portrait shoot in and around Rancho Santa Fe… and that’s just what we did. We channeled every bit of “celebrity” we had in us and took some AWESOME photos to commemorate her senior year. Here are the highlights from the afternoon…

Anna you ROCKED this shoot. I admire your confidence and style and I expect great things from you, girl! Have the time of your life this year!

Nick and Lisa’s wedding was blissfully relaxed and meaningful. Planning such an intimate destination wedding allowed them to be intentional down to the very littlest detail and I loved every second of it! Despite the weather being hotter than Hades, these Arizonians barely noticed… partially due to their naturally warm home environment, but mostly due to how excited everyone was for the festivities. Little touches here and there really sweetened up the day for everyone involved. Things like personalized necklaces and bracelets that adorned the necks and wrists of Lisa and her ladies, heartfelt gifts of gratitude to their parents, individual notes of appreciate and affirmation for each guest, and their dog Bailey delivering the rings as their “ring pup”. There were tears shed by all in the most wonderful of ways. I feel so honored to be invited to document such a great occasion, and to be treated like family! Here are my favorites from the day…


I mean really…. how cute is this dog?!Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-13Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-14Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-15Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-16Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-17Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-18Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-19

The local beach was perfect for some fun and romantic portraits on the sand. Having a destination beach wedding was a dream come true for these two and choosing southern California was a no brainer since many of their fond memories as a couple take place right here. These next shots are some of my favorite “typical California” photos ever!Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-20Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-21Destination-beach-wedding-photos-overlooking-ocean-Nick-and-Lisa-22

Nick and Lisa, thanks for inviting me to be a part of such a special day.

Your love was so sweet and I feel so privileged to have been able to document it for you. Congratulations!

Venue: Lantern Bay Park, Dana Point CA

Reception: Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas