A large wedding party pose in a group at the the Wilshire Ebell of Los Angeles. They are posed like the promo photos from "Gossip Girl" and holding cocktails. The women are in light pink dresses and the men are in classic black suits. Photos by Kate Noelle Photography


The Ebell of Los Angeles | Matthew and Emalee’s Wedding

Themes of timeless elegance and intentionality surrounded Matthew and Emalee’s much-anticipated wedding at the Ebell of Los Angeles. Amidst the grandeur of the Renaissance-style architecture, the Ebell was the absolute best wedding venue to reflect the couple’s vibrant spirits. Emalee specifically requested a Bridgerton-meets-Gossip-Girl aesthetic, and with the help of coordinator Renee Dalo of Moxie Bright Events, her wish was granted. A classic black and white color palette was chosen and expanded on, with florals from Winston & Main featuring crisp California poppies, roses, and orchids. Everything worked together to accentuate the quintessential Hollywood glamour of the Ebell. 

Once the ceremony had ended and the cocktail hour commenced, it was evident that this was meant to be a party. A dream team of dedicated vendors came together, each adding their own exciting element to the affair (be sure and peruse the full list at the end of this post). Live painter Brittany Branson immortalized the event with an heirloom quality hand-painted depiction of the couple’s first dance. Throughout the evening, guests enjoyed the photo booth, secured a late night snack from the french fry bar or In-N-Out truck, and ended the night strong with a custom cappuccino. To top it all off, the couple hired a personalized cigar roller to work the wedding reception, adding an extra layer of sophistication that fit right in at the Ebell of Los Angeles. Together, these elements sang of the experiential magic Matthew and Emalee had dreamed of for the day and ensured their union was an extravaganza of revelry that will live on for decades.

Keep scrolling to experience the highlights from the couple’s Ebell of Los Angeles wedding:Detail shot by Kate Noelle Photography. Blue wedding shoes, a pink perfume bottle, pearl, and the Bride's jewelry and wedding rings A white, blonde bride looks at her wedding dress hanging on a hanger against a beautiful painted wall at the Ebell of Los Angelestwo closer details of the Ebell of Los Angeles wedding invitation and the Bride's wedding jewelry.The white groom and smiles out the window. Behind him are two white groomsman smiling at each other. They are all dressed in their wedding tuxedos. Two black and white shots of the groom. In one he is sitting down, in the next he is wearing his suit jacket and looking out the window. Closeup up the groom's bow tie and custom cuff links that the bride made for him with their initials "E & M"1. The white wedding gown hangs on a painted partition wall at the Ebell of Los Angeles. 2. The bride is all dressed and ready to go with her gown, jewelry, and veil. She sits on a patterned couch and looks longingly to the side.

1. A black and white of the bride standing in the window in her dress, which is fanned out perfectly. 2. The bride's father sees the bride for the first time and smiles widely.The bride is wearing her wedding dress and is looking down. Behind her are a bridesmaid who smiles as she fixes her sleeves, and the bride's mother is adjusting the back of the gown. 1. the groom sees the bride for the first time and puts his hands up to his mouth in surprise. 2. the couple smiles at the camera while embracing each other

The groom smiles and poses with his 7 groomsmen.

The couple poses and smiles with the bride's parents

1. The bride stands in front of the Ebell of Los Angeles. 2. A black and white wedding portrait of the couple walking together and smiling.1. A close up shot of the bride and bridesmaids white wedding bouquets with white poppies and roses. 2. The bride stands surrounded by her 7 bridesmaids4 shots of the fabulous Ebell of Los Angeles wedding ceremony space. The ceiling is painted with a gorgeous large chandelier, the stairs and alter are adorned with a large floral spray. There is a golden mirror that says "Welcome to the wedding of Matthew and Emalee, Los Angeles". 1. The father of the bride walks her down the aisle 2. A black and white of the father and bride walking down the aisle from behind. Two gorgeous chandeliers of the Ebell of Los Angeles are visible in both photos. 1. The couple stands at the alter in front of all of their wedding guests 2. The couple share their first married kiss 2. The couple smiles at their guests as they walk down the aisle as husband and wife.A black and white photo of a white couple posing by a piano for their Ebell Los Angeles Wedding. Photo by Kate Noelle Photography 1. The couple are dancing in the foyer of the Ebell of Los Angeles after their wedding. 2. They stand in the wooden staircase as the man kisses the woman on the forehead and she smiles.The cocktail space at the Ebell of Los Angeles. It is decorated with outdoor lounge furniture, stringed lights, blush pink cocktail tables with a large fountain in the middle. The Wilshire Ebell of Los Angeles sign at night. There is a projection of an "E & M" monogram on the building. 2. A waiter holds a delicious plate of hors d'oeuvre at the wedding cocktail hour. Two gorgeous flower arrangement in brass vases on the wedding placement card table. The reception space for the Ebell of Los Angeles wedding. Black and white marble floors and elevated white tables and chairs with black napkins. The tables are set with beautiful floral arrangements and glass candelabras. The table is adorned with golden pears.1. A card on a gold stand etched with gold edges that reads, "Table 4" 2. Close up of the table details: A black silk napkin with a namecard on top with a white tassel, and silver cutlery.A close up of the placement cards with black and white tassels, with golden wax numbers.The bride and groom's first dance at their Ebell of Los Angeles wedding. They are posing in a lunge with the bride next to the groom. 1. The couple has their first dance. The groom holds the bride up in a deep dip with her feet in the air. 2. The bride hugs her father after their father-daughter dance A detail shot of the personalized cigar roller's table with custom matchboxes and wooden boxes to hold the cigars. 2. Brittany Branson paints a custom portrait of the couple's first dance during the the wedding reception 2. The opulent wedding cake with white flowers swirling around it and a ceramic wedding cake topper. Three different shots of the couple leaving their Ebell of Los Angeles wedding. They hold their hands up and cheer as their family and friends send them off and they are surrounded by bubbles.

Full Vendor List:

Venue: Ebell of Los Angeles | Wedding Coordinator: Renee Dalo of Moxie Bright Events | Florals: Winston & Main | Invitations: Roseville Designs | Caligraphy: Calligraphy Katrina | Gown: Netta Benshabu via Kinsley James Couture Bridal | Shoes: Something Bleu | Hair: Sam Romero | Makeup: Ashley Carroll | Tux: Calvin Klein | Cake: The Butter End Bakery | Linens: Lux Linens | Rentals: Trejo Dance Floors, Signature Party Rentals (white chairs), & Provenance Rentals (outdoor lounge furniture) | DJ: DJ Will Gill | Live Painter: Brittany Branson | Photo Booth: Hollywood Photo Booth | Coffee: Cappucino Man | Cigars: El Canito Cigars | Transportation: LA Party Bus | Photographer: Kate Noelle Photography | Videographer: A Colored Mind Wedding Film



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