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2023 Prime Day Photography Deals

When it comes to my photography business, I really appreciate the convenience and speed of Amazon Prime for purchasing all my last-minute gear before a shoot (or when Kai has caught another pre-school bug and I just can’t make a trip out). With the annual Prime Day coming up on July 11th and 12th, I wanted to share some of my favorite photography deals that I’ve ordered for my business and my home. Whether you’re an experienced shooter, hobby photographer, or even an avid iPhone portrait mode extraordinaire, these are my go-to photography essentials that you can order on Prime Day:


(Just FYI, there are affiliate links in this post but all of these have been tried and loved by me and my family. If you use them to purchase something, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting me and my small business on Prime Day!)


The best power strip I’ve ever owned:


This power strip is hidden in a drawer with the cable going out the back. I can charge two cameras, two flashes, my phone, apple watch, and another USB charged device all at the same time. And the best part is that the plugs are spaced out in such a way that I can actually use all the ports. Order your own here.


SanDisk Portable SSD Hard Drive:


This is where I keep all my backed up personal photos, all our engagement, wedding, and family photos– they’re in an off-site secure spot in case of a house fire or disaster. This is also the hard drive I keep my undelivered work on me at all times and it’s so small it fits in my wallet! I highly recommend this drive to back up all your precious family memories onto. Purchase your own here.


Dual SD Memory Card Reader:

 This card reader is SO FAST and I love that I can ingest two cards at once. It’s been such a time saver! Grab yours at this link. ** If your camera uses the MicroUSB size, here’s a link for that card reader. It will make it even more simple to just insert the MicroUSB:


Lexar Pro SD Memory Cards (2 pack):

I love these cards and I use them exclusively in my professional camera. Order a set here!

** If your camera uses the MicroUSB size, here’s a link for that one as well. For video, always size up more than you think you’ll need. 512GB is a good size for photos and videos.


Kids Camera for Toddlers:


Kai loves this thing and I don’t have to worry about the volume of photos he takes because it prints photos on receipt paper. Some of the funniest photos of Kai have come from this camera (see below). Highly recommend!  Purchase your own here.


A photo of an Amazon kid's camera laying on a blanket and a hand holding a black and white photo of Kate Noelle and her son, Kai. They have a bunny filter over their faces and are smiling.



A pink kids camera sits on a table. Next to it are black and white photos of Kate Noelle and her son Kai that were taken with the Amazon camera. Some of the photos are scribbled on and there is a sheet of kid's stickers sitting by the photos.









Baby Photo Album:

I got Kai one of these in 2020 when we weren’t seeing many people due to Covid because I wanted him to recognize the faces of our family and friends as he grew up. As he’s gotten older, I’ve updated the photos so he can remember friends and family as we see them. He loves going through it and telling us about the people in his book. The pages are heavy duty plastic so all the baby and toddler drool and sticky fingers don’t ruin the photos, and it’s super easy to slide new ones in and out. Order one of your own here.



Packhorse Camera/Laptop backpack:

When I travel for a shoot and already have a carry-on wheeled suitcase that’s going on the plane with me, I pack my shooting gear in this backpack. It’s been to Europe with us and all over the continental US. It easily holds everything I need to shoot and do computer work on the plane with, and fits perfectly under the seat by my feet. Add it to your cart here.



The best daypack camera backpack:

We’ve been using an Incase lightweight backpack for literally every day trip in the last 10 years- we LOVE it! It’s got a small shelf compartment for a small camera (mirrorless or smaller DSLR with a small lens), a separate zip compartment for a tablet/small laptop that we usually use to hold a Camelbak bladder, with side zips for extra clothes and snacks. It’s perfect for my short body, and not too heavy to carry around all day. Incase has since discontinued this particular backpack, but Peak Design has made a similar one that’s on my list to purchase. Order yours on Prime Day.



My favorite roller camera bag:

I have the 2 wheeled version of this (that’s a little older), but the 4-wheeler is on my purchase list because this bag is clutch when traveling and shooting. It’s not a beastly size, and it fits comfortably in an overhead bin. I roll up to most shoots with this bag. Purchase your own here.


*And this one isn’t photo related, but it kinda is…

Finally, a TV that doesn’t make my eyes bleed:

There are so many choices for televisions these days and it can be overwhelming trying to pick one. As a photographer who cares a lot about colors, brightness, contrast, and skin tones…. as well as the health of my eyes staring at screens so often, I have very specific “needs” with televisions. I decided OLEDs were the way to go because of the way they produce light and their infinite contrast ratios, not to mention their “lighter” weight. Sony does it right and I’m so thrilled with our tv! Get your own on Amazon.



*Also not directly photo related, but I wouldn’t be a good person if I didn’t tell you about these...

The shoes I wear to the Oscars every year:

These black-tie friendly shoes have the look of heels without the heel. I get so many compliments every year from those less fortunate heel-wearing souls. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a pair here



I hope this helps take the guess-work out of your gear shopping. If you’re thinking about ordering any of these photography deals, set a reminder to check out on Prime Day, July 11th and 12th, for the best prices of the year!

Lastly, be sure and check out my Best Photo Gift Ideas post for my recommendations on how to print and gift your photos.



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