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Wedding Photographer Outfit Guide | My Go-To Favorites

As a professional wedding photographer for the past 16 years, I’ve learned a thing or two about my personal outfit preferences for long shoot days.  I’ve spent many wedding shoots begrudging my tight and impractical clothing choices from the morning of, and certainly had more than my fair share of blisters from bad footwear. Finding the perfect outfit that balances formalwear with functionality is rare and so when I find it, I try to pass it along. Below you’ll find my ultimate shopping guide to all of my go-to pieces that you can wear from backyard weddings to black-tie red carpet affairs.

(Just FYI, there are some affiliate links in this post but all of these pieces have been tried and loved by me. If you use one of them to purchase something, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting me and my small business!)

Tops & Jackets

Absolute favorite shooting shirt:

I have the black one. I wear this to literally 99% of weddings because it can be dressed up and tucked or dressed down, however I need it to look! Plus, it’s SO BREATHABLE. No one ever suspects this is made by Athleta. Order one for yourself here. 

Favorite Sweater Blazer:

I take one to almost every wedding because it’s the perfect amount of class when I need to warm up after the sun goes down. I have a few in every color too… I can’t stress enough how much you need one of these! Pro Tip: I would size down quite a bit if you’re a small person like me. Seriously, go get your own here.

For those times I need an actual suit:

A black model wears the

A middle aged white model with white hair stands in black dress pants, as well as a blue button down and a black v-neck shirt.


I love me a good J.Crew fitted suit. This blazer and matching pants have just enough stretch to make active shooting poses a breeze while still looking professional. It’s also a great option for a comfortable quality suit without breaking the bank.


Athleta Stellar Trousers:

The bottom half of a white model is shown wearing black dress pants called Stellar Trousers from Athleta

For a flexible and slightly cropped business pant look. Disclaimer: I bought mine when there was a skinny option and I loved that style more than the regular, but buy what fits your legs best! They also make a version called Stellar Tight that are great for a a tighter fitted business pant look. For those, I order two sizes bigger for a slightly looser fit that still looks professional. Order a pair of trousers for yourself.

Best flexible waist and non-stuffy feeling dress pants:

A light skinned model with dark hair wears a pair of Marine Layer pants, called "Re-Spun Tall and Petite Allison Pant in Black"

When I’m not wearing the Athleta pants from above, I wear this Marine Layer pair in petite to get the higher ankle look. As always, I choose the black ones, but I do have a navy pair to switch things up every once and awhile. Purchase at this link!


Best jumpsuit I’ve ever owned:

A white model with light brown hair stands in the

Truth is– I own 3 of these and I’m going to get a 4th. They’re lightweight, they’re adjustable, they’re cute, AND I can wear them to fancy pants events with nice shoes and accessories. Nothing but wins! Get one for yourself pronto.

Favorite Summer Dress:

A black model with long dark braids wears the The perfect LBD for those super hot outdoor weddings. Order it from Athleta.


My Go-To Loafers:

Tan and white loafers with a dark brown strap over the top. They are the

I love the look of these, even though I prefer the oxfords with the Zero Grand technology in the sole. But for a more polished look, these are my go-to loafers. Invest in a pair and thank me later.

My “reception shoes”/black trainers:

Black tennis shoes from Athletic Propulsion Labs in the style

The shoes I wear after everyone at the wedding has seen my fancy shoes and they’ve all been drinking long enough to not notice I changed. Additionally, I’ll wear these for shoots I know I’ll be on my feet for longer than 10hrs. For black trainers, they’re unobtrusive and classy. Order yours here. (they’re worth the price tag, trust me)


My black tie/Oscars shoes:

Silver sparkly flat shoes available on Amazon. They are the "SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Woman's Meteor Sneaker" in the color Scintillate.










Can confirm that everyone will be jealous you’re wearing these when they’re dying in their heels. Order yours on Amazon.

Other Faves

Best maternity outfit to shoot a wedding in:

A black pregnant model wears  This is literally all you need during your pregnancy- a couple of these to wear to everything you need to look professional at. Dress it up with shoes, accessories, and outerwear and you’re set. Grab one or two…or three here.

The Apple watch band everyone asks me about:

An Apple Watch band in "Blonde Tortoise" from Machete

This pattern is just my favorite and I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve gotten on it over the years! Snag one for yourself here.

There you have it! All of these pieces have stood the test of time and made even the longest of shoot days just a little bit easier. If you’re a wedding photographer who purchases any of these outfits for yourself, I’d love to hear how you like them! Be sure and tag me on Instagram, @katenoelle.

Happy shooting!




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