A family of three stands in Trabuco Canyon in Orange County. They are all holding hands and posing for family photos with Kate Noelle Photography.


Trabuco Canyon Family Photos | Holiday Mini Sessions

Last fall, I hosted a special round of family photos mini sessions in the picturesque beauty of Trabuco Canyon.  This hidden gem of Orange County is a wilderness oasis that lies just north of Rancho Santa Margarita. Nestled in the heart of a quiet subdivision, it’s just a short trip from the coast and the area offers a wide range of scenery. From the green walking trail to smaller explorations into the oak and pine forest, it miraculously manages to stay green in the fall even after the scorching temperatures we always see over the summer. 

Shooting at Trabuco Canyon turns the logistics of family photos into an easy thing. There is always plenty of free parking and the trail is easily accessible for families with young kids. Leashed dogs are always welcome, too! Additionally, it’s quieter than other popular nature spots and tends to be less crowded. This is especially nice during the high volume fall season when it seems like there’s families everywhere taking pictures.

Take a peak below to see the highlights from my most recent mini session at Trabuco Canyon. Also, be sure to join my hype squad to be the first to hear about future session dates!A family of three: A white mother, asian father, and their young son. 1) The family poses together for family photos at Trabuco Canyon with green trees behind them. 2) A black and white of the boy smiling directly into camera with the trees towering over him from behind.

1) The mother holds the boy and they both are laughing 2) A full body shot of the boy. He is wearing a jean jacket and forest green pants with Nike sneakers. A black and white shot of the parents kissing their son on both cheeks. He is smiling so big!The boy holds his father's hand as they stand on the trail of Trabuco Canyon 2) Just the parents embrace each other and they are both laughing.

A white family of four: A mom, dad, and two young girls. The mother holds the youngest and they all smile at the camera for family photos at Trabuco Canyon by Kate Noelle Photography. Behind them is a trail surrounded by luscious green trees.

Family photos- 1) parents walk towards the camera holding the youngest daughter. The older one walks ahead. 2) The younger girl walks through the brush of Trabuco Canyon. Behind her follows her older sister The father holds the youngest daughter and both of them smile at the cameraA joyful family photo of the parents holding the girls and smiling and laughing at them. They stand on the trail at Trabuco Canyon in Orange County.1) the mother walks through trabuco canyon in a bright floral dress holding the hand of her younger daughter and smiles down on her. 2) Just the parents pose together for family photos.The dad holds the older daughter upside down as the mother holds the younger daughter. They are all laughing and looking at the camera. Beyond them is the picturesque Trabuco Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains of Orange County, where they are taking family photos. 1) the parents and older sister are out of focus as they reach for the younger daughter in the foreground as she walks towards them. 2) A black and white family photo as the mother hugs the younger girl and the others smile.A third set of family photos with Kate Noelle. There are now two white parents and their infant son. Towering behind them are the green trees of Trabuco Canyon in Orange County. The son sits on his dad's shoulders as the mother looks up at him and smiles. 1) the little boy walks through Trabuco Canyon away from the camera. He is wearing a white collared shirt and khaki pants, with brown sneakers. 2) The parents both hold their son and smile at the camera. He is wiggling a lot. For their family photos, she wears a rust colored patterned dress and he has a blue collared shirt. The little boy bends down to pick up something on the ground. He is surrounded by gorgeous fir trees at Trabuco Canyon. 1) the couple embraces and smiles towards camera 2) A black and white shot of them putting their foreheads together and smiling. The parents hold the boy's hands and walk down the trail towards the camera as they smile. Beautiful green trees are behind them in Trabuco Canyon.



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