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Summer Intern

This summer I had a new face in the office with me. Her name is Megan and she was my saving grace of an intern through the thick of wedding season. I like to think of myself as someone who can do it all…. a super photographer who has time for work, play, my family and friends, aaaand time to stop and smell the roses. But if I’m being completely honest with you, work often dominates my life and the balance between work and play swings hard between the two depending on the time of year. Summer is the time of year when I find myself eating, sleeping, and breathing work…. and I often lose my marbles. I decided this summer would be different, especially since this was Christopher’s first summer off as an elementary school teacher.

While it was a challenge for me to relinquish control over certain things, it was a healthy and freeing experience having Megan work alongside me. She had a hand in everything from editing, designing, and research, to shooting, updating, accounting, and finding all the marbles I lost along the way. She put up with Hugo’s shenanigans everyday, and really truly, I am SO thankful. Before she headed back to Pepperdine at the end of the summer, we took an afternoon to hang out, laugh a little, and take some fun portraits to commemorate it all. Many thanks to 1011 Makeup for Megan’s gorgeous hair and makeup! Here are some favorites…

* I am currently looking for some interns to join my team for this next year, so if you’re interested in becoming a team member of Kate Noelle Photography, email me at kate@katenoelle.com.


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