London Hope

Labor begins and bags are grabbed as you rush out the door in between contractions. The hours of labor and then this new life is born into the world and time STOPS. The wonder, the shock, the exhaustion, the deep deep love…. it all blurs together somehow. Photographing this chapter of life is such a sweet gift. Getting to see two people go from engagement to marriage, to becoming new parents, through the lens of my camera–it makes my heart explode with gratitude! London Hope graced us with her new life in May and it’s been an adorable squish-fest since then. Here are some favorites from the morning I spent with this brand new baby and her lovely parents Kory and Mikaela….Newborn-family-lifestyle-portraits-californiaNewborn-family-lifestyle-portraits-californiaNewborn-family-lifestyle-portraits-californiaNewborn-family-lifestyle-portraits-california

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