Four white children pose in the grassy fields of Marian Bear park. Three girls and a baby boy. The two older girls hold the younger one and the baby on their laps.


Marian Bear Memorial Park Family Portraits

This year, the second family portrait location for my San Diego Mini Sessions day was Marian Bear Memorial Park. After parking in a dirt lot and jumping from rock to rock through a little stream, a trail leads you through a lightly forested trail lined with oak trees. There’s tall grass (and wildflowers in the spring) to explore through, downed logs to climb, and beautiful light all day long. While I do recommend wearing boots or closed toed shoes to get through the stream at the beginning, bring your photo-ready shoes because the walking is easy going from there.

These sessions were fun for all and I love how the photos turned out. If you haven’t signed up for my hype squad yet, make sure you do— Hype squad always hears about available mini session dates and new offerings first!

Two young white sisters in light purple dresses give each other a sweet hug and smile. They are at Marian Bear Memorial Park 1. The two sisters run away from the camera while holding hands. 2. The girls pose with their mother with the beautiful woods behind them. A family portrait of mom, dad, and the two girls at Marian Bear Memorial Park. The changing leaves provide splashes of green and red. The two sisters smile at each other while seated on a fallen tree trunk. The older sister holds her mother's hand and leans against her, smiling so big! 1. The older sister is held by her dad and is pulling his face close. They smile at each other. 2. She is held on her mom's hips and they are both smiling with a beautiful sun flare in the corner. The two girls sit on their dad's knees and all smile at the camera. They are posing in Marian Bear Memorial Park. The two parents have their hands wrapped around each other and are smiling at each other. The family poses on a fallen tree trunk for family portraits in Marian Bear Memorial Park

A white family of 6: Two older girls, a younger sister, and a baby brother. They are posing for a family portrait at Marian Bear Memorial Park The mom smiles and looks down at her baby. She is holding him in a "football hold" with his face turned toward camera. A close up of the baby boy's face, and also his cute toes! All four kids sit in a line, with the baby seated on the oldest's lap. 1.The oldest daughter holds the baby and gives him a kiss. 2. The kids stand in a black and white photo, the oldest is holding the baby. The parents stand and smile while holding the baby boy. They are in Marian Bear Memorial Park.The youngest girl is standing among the grass. It's a beautiful sunny day at Marian Bear Memorial Park 1. The two older sisters give each other a hug 2. A family portrait of all 6 at Marian Bear Memorial Park



Voted "Best Photographer" by California Wedding Day. Known for candid romance, breath-taking emotive moments. Sought after for experience.

For over a decade, Kate Noelle has been the wedding photographer of choice for some of the most beautiful, heartfelt, and fun celebrations in the world. Combine Kate’s candidly romantic style and discerning eye for detail with her calming kindness, and you have one of California’s most sought-after photographic experiences. 

 Kate’s work has been featured on leading wedding photography publications, and blogs including Ceremony Magazine, Huffington Post, and Carats & Cake. In addition to weddings, Kate photographs high profile events such as the Academy Awards, the Emmys, The SAG Awards, the Golden Globes, and Radio Disney Music Awards. Her extensive repertoire brings with it masterful imagery, above and beyond service, and a stress-free experience.

When Kate isn't photographing events, you can find her at the beach with her husband, Chris, and two kids, Kai, and Capri. 


LET'S work

This life is thrilling and grand and moments of greatness are threaded through loss, grief, and uncertainty. So for tonight, let's dance and celebrate the love we have here. Now. What a gift. The ultimate luxury.

Whether your love is the strong silent kind that shows itself in knowing eyes and tender embraces, or if your love is the loud laughter and infectious kind that can barely contain the joy and excitement you feel... I want to be there. With my camera. Taking snapshots so that time will forever be frozen still.