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Travis and Ana’s Lincourt Winery Wedding

Everything about Travis and Ana’s Lincourt Winery wedding was gorgeous.  Ana’s personal touch was in every little thing and I couldn’t have been a happier camper photographing it all. It was a very laid back and relaxing day, surprisingly, for a wedding day. When my team and I arrived, it felt like a family get-to-gether was happening in their little rental house. The guys were out back playing field games, the mothers were putzing around the house getting food ready, and the girls were in the bedrooms getting their hair and makeup done whilst drinking wine. The sun was out and felt warm on the skin despite the crisp central coast morning air. It was a perfect day. Here are some highlights I’m excited to share with you….

Santa Ynez Winery Wedding, Lincourt Winery, Kate Noelle Photography, Central Coast Wedding PhotographerLincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-02Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-03How cute are these WeddingSong bridesmaid robes Ana gave her bridesmaids? I totally want one.Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-04

Something unique and brilliant Ana did was rent her wedding jewelry and veil from Rent the Runway. She was able to get amazing designer accessories worth hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the cost! Check out this gorgeous necklace!Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-05Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-06Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-07Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-08Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-09

This was one of my favorite shots from the day. When you hire your hairstylists and makeup artists, THIS is the reaction you want. The ladies from Team Hair and Makeup stopped to say goodbye before they left and when they opened the door, this was their reaction. Priceless and so sweet!Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-10Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-11Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-12Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-13Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-14Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-15Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-16Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-17Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-18Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-19Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-20Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-21Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-22Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-23Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-24Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-25Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-26Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-27Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-28Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-29Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-30Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-31Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-32Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-33Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-34Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-35Seriously, what a good looking couple they make…Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-36Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-37Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-38Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-39Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-40Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-41Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-42Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-43Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-44Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-45Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-46Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-47Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-48Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-49Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-50Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-51Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-52Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-53Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-54Lincourt_Winery_Wedding_Santa_Ynez_Travis_and_Ana_Smith-55

Lincourt Winery Wedding Santa Ynez Travis and Ana Wedding-1045_blogLincourt Winery Wedding Santa Ynez Travis and Ana Wedding-1075_blogLincourt Winery Wedding Santa Ynez Travis and Ana Wedding-1111_blogLincourt Winery Wedding Santa Ynez Travis and Ana Wedding-1139_blog

On a more personal note, I am SO thankful for my team for this wedding. For the 48 hours leading up to this wedding I was hit with a hateful stomach bug that had me hugging a toilet and needing IV fluids at the ER. I was toast. Christopher and Nicole were my saving grace and they are the sole reason we rocked this wedding. So if you’re reading this and you’re wondering who and how I pick team photographers to shoot and assist me for weddings and whether it really matters. It SO matters. I only pick those whom I would trust to take over for me if I died…. (I thought I was going to the whole day). So to Christopher and Nicole, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. And to all the vendors who looked at me sideways all day wondering if I was okay, thanks for your grace and all your hard work. You made the event beautiful! And to Shauna and the ladies from Alegria by Design…. you ROCKED this event. I hope to work with you again soon, and often.

Coordinator: Shauna Timmons of Alegria by Design, Caterer: Pure Joy Catering, Rentals: Santa Ynez Valley Elite Events, Floral Bouquets: Renae’s Bouquet, Floral: Jema Floral, Hair & Makeup: Team Hair and Makeup, Ceremony Music: The Aurora Ensemble, DJ: Music by Bonnie, Photo Booth: A Casino Event, Cake: Enjoy Cupcakes, Pies: Marcie’s Pies & Goods, Transportation: Student Transportation of America, Venue: Lincourt Winery, Associate Photographer: Nicole Leever

  • June 26, 2014 - 3:49 pm

    Sharon Rose Smith - Kate, as sick as you were ( and we didn’t know until after the weekend was over) the photos are stunning! It took me hours to try to decide which ones to order. I know I’ll be back to the site to order more along the way. Thank you for the engagement pictures, the wedding pictures and even taking pictures of Steve, Miles and I when you did our staff pictures from school. You are a true professional and we hope to be able to use you and your team one day again soon!

  • June 26, 2014 - 4:31 pm

    Lorna Smith - Beautiful pictures. You captured all of the great moments of the day. It was a wonderful weekend filled with love, laughter, family and friends.

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