Ash & Jamila | Los Angeles

la_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilala_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilala_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilala_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilala_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilala_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilala_skyline_dtla_engagement_photos_arts_district_ashraf_and_jamilaAsh and Jamila are best friends, foodies, adventurers, and lovers of the city they call home. Los Angeles has been their stomping ground throughout their relationship, so they thought there’s no better place to be the backdrop for their engagement session! We explored the famed Arts District and savored the epic LA sunset as it sank behind the silhouette of skyscrapers. Ash and Jamila, your love is beautiful and your laughs are contagious. Let’s get you married!

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