Joel and Linda’s Joshua Tree Adventure Engagement

It was as ordinary a day as any. Joel’s morning commute to work was early and monotonous, there were meetings and deadlines to deal with, and he had the happy job of picking up everyone’s coffee orders as usual. He stood in line at Starbucks and quickly checked his work email on his phone. “Sigh… today’s gonna be a long one.” Stepping up to the register with his drink list ready to read from his phone he caught the eyes of a barista he hadn’t noticed before. Her name was Linda, and she was super cute. He took his coffee orders and walked out the door that morning, but his days were far from ordinary from that moment on.

While out in Joshua Tree National Park for their engagement shoot, we made light conversation as we drove through the painted desert. They filled me in on their hobbies and work life, their recent adventures with family in Colorado, and their upcoming wedding plans. To be quite honest, these two are the epitome of #relationshipgoals. They have great jobs, they ADORE one another, and they’re two VERY active adventurers. At one point during the shoot, Linda had taken off her jacket and shoes and was free climbing boulders right behind Joel. We had so much fun exploring around Joshua Tree together and I am thrilled to be able to share some of my favorites from their engagement shoot…


Joel and Linda, thanks for making me climb boulders, go off the beaten trail, stand in high places, and run through the park chasing the sunset. You two are exhilarating and I CAN’T WAIT to photograph your wedding this March. You guys rock! (pun intended)

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