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Curtis and Brooke’s Fabulous Downtown LA Wedding

Does my hair look okay? Yes. Is my makeup on? Yes. Camera gear packed and ready to go? Yes. Coffee? Yes. I mentally went through my pre-wedding check list as we drove onto the freeway en route to Curtis and Brooke’s downtown Los Angeles wedding. John Legend’s “All of Me” – Tiesto’s Birthday Treatment Remix – Radio Edition began to play and I exhaled the anxiety I felt all morning and smiled knowing I’d get to spend the rest of the day with some of my favorite people. I could hear pages turning softly next to me, it was Betsy catching herself up on the details and itinerary of the day. I breathed deep and exhaled worry….. It was going to be an EXCELLENT wedding day. Curtis and Brooke’s wedding was nothing short of the true meaning of fabulous. Being city dwellers and lovers, having a “city” overtone to their wedding day was very important to them. A romantic downtown la wedding was exactly what they wanted! They dreamed of city lights at dusk, and the quiet of a park in the middle of high-rise buildings, all with a classic modern style. Cafe Pinot was the perfect setting for them! And on top of that, all their favorite people in the world were there to celebrate with them, and it felt as though God was joining in on all the festivities as well…. everything went so wonderfully. Here is a collection of my favorite photos from the day…


 I loved how Curtis chose to bring the memory of his late best friend along with him on his wedding day. What a sweet and really meaningful way to share this memory with his friend who couldn’t be there.Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-08Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-09Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-10Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-11

I could have shot Curtis ALL. DAY.Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-12Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-13Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-14Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-15Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-16Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-17Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-18t-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-19Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-20Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-21Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-22Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-23Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-24Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-25Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-26Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-27Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-28Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-29Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-30Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-31Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-32Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-33Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-34Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-35Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-36Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-37Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-38

I thought you’d like to know that when I was culling through all the images from the day later that night, I saw this and straight up ugly cried. I cried earlier in the day when it happened in real life too, but there’s something really powerful about this moment in time captured for all eternity.


As their first dance song began to play, the familiar silky smooth voice of John Legend resonated through the speakers… a perfect selection for these two! I cried again, embarrassingly enough.Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-60Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-61Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-62Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-63Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-64Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-65

Thanks Bets, for this fun shot!Cafe-Pinot-Wedding-Photo-Downtown-LA-Curtis-and-Brooke-Smith-66

As Betsy and I left the wedding that night, I couldn’t help but feel SO SO SO lucky. I felt lucky to have my best friend/über talented photographer Betsy Lackey shoot with me, I felt lucky to know Curtis and Brooke not just as clients, but as friends…. and I felt lucky to get to do what sets my heart ablaze with passion for a living. A special thanks goes to all the wonderful vendors who came together to make Curtis and Brooke’s wedding so amazing! Accommodations: The Bonaventure, The Biltmore, and the Standard Hotel, Venue and Catering: Cafe Pinot , Florist: Teresa Eoff, Coordinator: Tanya Boyd of XOXO Weddings, Associate Photographer: Betsy Lackey, Hair and Makeup: Giovanna Paramo, DJ: Ryan McKenzie of Music Makes You Move, Videographer: Sara Fleenor, Officiant: Billy Jack Blankenship, Late Night Snacks: Tacos Chihuahua. You rock!

  • September 13, 2014 - 3:59 pm

    Pamela Jane Ingersoll - I remember you Brooke…..running all over Wacc with Amy!!!! This is the most spectacular event I have ever seen in print….

  • September 13, 2014 - 4:21 pm

    Carolyn Andrewson Stewart - Congratulations, Brooke! May God’s richest blessings be on your marriage! Love you, Girl!

  • September 13, 2014 - 7:07 pm

    Shirley Padilla Jones - These pictures are amazing! I scrolled through each one and found them to be perfect and so, so beautiful. Your dress is gorgeous, you are gorgeous, and your new hubby is handsome! You both look incredible. I think of you often, Brooke, whenever the song “Indescribable” comes on the radio. I was in your car one day, years ago. We were leaving WACC going (I can’t recall), and that song came on. You left an impression on me as a true God seeker. You were beautiful then, and you’re more than beautiful now. May God bless your life. <3

  • September 13, 2014 - 9:21 pm

    Denise Reed-Greiner - Brooke! Congratulations! I remember you as a little girl in my first grade class! You have grown into a beautiful young woman! What a wonderful wedding this must have been! Every picture is absolutely perfect!

  • September 13, 2014 - 11:05 pm

    Carmelle Tsai - SOO perfect. As usual, Kate!! Can I say I love love the groom looking at his bride coming down the aisle! That’s always my favorite part of the ceremony and you captured it perfectly 🙂

  • September 15, 2014 - 7:11 am

    Jeremy Chou - Gorgeous wedding Kate!!!

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