The Kohlenberg Family

These San Diego family lifestyle portraits are #familygoals and just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. Since they just finished moving in and renovating their beautiful new home, we decided it would be fitting to take some relaxed family photos of the four of them before baby boy number three joined the party. Again, it’s such a joy getting to photograph such lovely people as they get engaged, get married, start and family, and build a life together. This legacy of photos they’re building will tell their story of love and adventure for decades to come. What a gift! Here’s a few favorites…Adorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenbergAdorable-family-lifestyle-portraits-in-home-california-kohlenberg

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