Harper’s 1st Birthday

Sometimes birthdays don’t go how we plan. We get all the decorations right, the perfect cake, and the cutest outfit ever…. and it just doesn’t happen. But the way I see it, those moments when our plans don’t quite work out and real life creeps into the photos we hoped would depict the perfect picturesque moment are in fact the most special kind. The real life moments that go un-altered have a nostalgic sweetness to them that remind us of what life was like. Harper’s one year portraits were so perfect. Like every one year old, she had already begun developing her preferences and personality and while her mom and I had attempted the perfect cake smash set up, she had other ideas in mind. Luckily, the adorable family golden retriever Bosley is always ready to participate in mom’s photo dreams. Babies and Golden retrievers…. does it get much better than that?baby_birthday_golden_retriever_photosbaby_birthday_golden_retriever_photosbaby_birthday_golden_retriever_photosbaby_birthday_golden_retriever_photosbaby_birthday_golden_retriever_photosbaby_birthday_golden_retriever_photos

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