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Turning Over Old New Leaves

Christopher and I were reminiscing the other day about the way we were when we first met. I never really realize it, but time changes people. Who I was 5 years ago isn’t who I am today, and even though Kate in 2008 has shaped me, we’re different people. An unspoken sign of adulthood is constant busyness. There are bills to be paid, student loans and car payments to pay back, and each hour of every day mysteriously fills to overflowing with to-do lists and meetings. The days when part time coffee house work and mission trips comprised the extent of my busyness are long gone, and I find that even though I’m thankful to be where I am today, I still miss the simplicity of life back then.

So this year, I want to turn over some old leave and re-examine them in the context of my life here in 2013. I want to write more, I want to draw and paint more. I want to allow myself to take time at the beach and process and think. I suppose I want to do all of these things for the same reasons I did them back then… to be thankful and thoughtful and to note the ebs and flows of the everyday. I want to find the extraordinary in the normalcy of routine. I’m hopeful that by making time for healthy outpourings of creativity, the business and busyness of life will fall into their proper place in the balance.

And just to share something that made my day, here are a few photos Betsy took of Chris and I this past summer…. I love them with my whole heart.

(Photo Credit: Betsy Lackey)


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