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The Matsuda Family’s Newport Beach Family Portraits

Growing up near the beach allowed for many a fond memory for my family and I. I remember countless hours of swimming, boogie boarding, sand crab catching, sand castle making, and bonfire enjoying. Some of the most nostalgic photos documenting my childhood took place at the beach. So for me, there’s still a sense of magic and familiarity in my relationship with the sand and the waves. When the Matsuda family asked to have their yearly holiday family portraits taken at Newport Beach, my creative wheels started turning immediately. I wanted to document their family in a very “moment in time” kind of way so they can look back and remember what their family did and what everyone was like that year. So there was lots of exploring and splashing, lots of shell collecting and sand crab chasing. And to top off a magical evening, the sunset that night was UNREAL. Colors of all vibrant hues reflected off the puddles in the sand and the world seemed to be on fire. That night was one I won’t forget for a long time, and I hope the adorable Matsuda family will look back on the experience with the same awe and wonder that I do.



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