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The Blankenships Three

It won’t be long until the three musketeers add a fourth; life is at such a special place for the Blankenships! For almost two years, it’s been just Billy, Alissa, and Claire… and what a sweet sweet time it’s been. While they’re over the moon about baby number two coming this fall, they asked me to come document a little bit of their life before it all changes forever. What a gift! Right now, Claire’s into books and Peppa Pig, running in circles, and mommy. She’s curious and full of smiles, and very excited about baby sister. In the story of “us” that Claire gets to grow up with, I love that she gets to see photos of how much her parents have loved her, encouraged her to be herself. Glimpses of what life was like before baby sister came into their lives will be a really special memory for her to cherish. Here’s a collection of my favorites….



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