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She looked radiant sitting on the porch with some old friends as she got her makeup done. Music from her iPhone played softly and kids could be heard chattering away inside. The morning sun poked through the birch trees and I caught her eye and smiled. Today was the day my sweet friend Laurie would marry the love of her life. Tears welled up in my eyes and I quickly moved around gathering shoes and details to photograph to keep myself from losing it so soon in the day. The rest of the wedding day, I had to keep myself busier than normal so as to not be that weird photographer girl who couldn’t stop crying happy tears. I was over the moon happy for Kurt and Laurie, and everyone else felt the exact same. The atmosphere surrounding them and their loved ones was overwhelming! And now, from the perspective of someone who loves Kurt and Laurie dearly….. here is the story of their wedding day….

A rare sight to behold for sure…. I did a little dancing that night. Camera and all…Kurt and Laurie, on this day of giving thanks, I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for your trust in the Lord and how you’ve lived that out whether others are paying attention or not. I’m thankful for your friendship and love…. and how it shines brightly to inspire others to dig deeper in their own relationships. Kurt, thank you for loving my friend like you do. I couldn’t have prayed for a more perfect man for her.

And to all you blog readers, Happy Thanksgiving! 

  • November 28, 2013 - 7:03 pm

    Jenna Petersen - I love the silhouette shot, Kate. Beautiful and timeless.

  • December 4, 2013 - 4:48 am

    Heidi Huntley - Kate – these are beautiful! Beautiful couple… there is a warmth in these photos that communicates the depth of your friendship with Laurie. I have some funny memories of you two at high school camp years ago 🙂

It was still dark out when I knocked on Ash’s hotel room door. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed, she opened the door and greeted me with an excited hug. This was the day she would get to marry the love of her life in the middle of a Redwood grove…. her dream wedding. As she finished up getting ready for the day, the sun started through the curtains and rose quietly over a sleepy San Francisco bay. All was calm and a peace hung in the air as we left the hotel for an early morning first look with David. I watched out the window as we made our way to the location and thought how wonderfully good God is. I mean, Ash and David were two people living on opposite sides of the country and they met on a mission trip, traveled all over the world together only to discover they were the love of each other’s lives. (More of there story can be read here.) In that moment…. in the car… I had a moment of such clarity realizing the depth of His love for us and how desperately He wants us to experience it… and how David and Ash’s wedding was just one more example pointing toward this amazing truth. Thank you, Lord.

The rest of the wedding day was just the perfect celebration, of these two. And they got the perfect intimate wedding in the woods like they had hoped! You guys…. if every wedding could be like this one, I’d be the happiest wedding photographer in the world. Here are some of my favorites from the day….


So I threw Hugo Flash a little birthday party. Yes, it was just us two, but only because Christopher was at work. I know you’re probably all judging me and writing me off as the crazy wedding photographer who is also a cat lady. BUT…. it’s really a year to celebrate! So he was born about a year ago, but we only have the pound’s estimate because he was abandoned with his litter when he was days old. Some kind soul found the litter and brought them to the pound where they were kept alive (kinda) until the sweet ladies from Caring Friends Cat Rescue took them and found homes for them. That’s where we first met our little mustache man.

After he almost died a week after we brought him home, he slowly recovered and over time, began to gain the weight to eventually weigh what a normal cat should. Then he had some breathing issues and a killer eye infection….. we left the country for a month and he spent some quality time with my sister Melissa…. and we moved to a new home right after. For only being alive for one year, he’s been through the ringer…. but we are SO THANKFUL he’s alive and well.

A few funny things you should know about Hugo at 1 Year old:

1.   When we were moving, Hugo found a little stuffed cat in a box and he took it and adopted it as his kitty playmate/sibling/punching bag. He drags “Ferdinand” around everywhere and even gives the poor thing a bath every night at bed time. Sad? Funny? Probably both.

2.    His favorite spot in the house is in the papazon chair by the window in my office.

3.    Once we moved, he experienced stairs for the first time in his life and LOVES them. His favorite is running as fast as he can down them and losing traction on the wood floors…. then slamming into the wall. And everyone knows the best time for that is when everyone else is SLEEPING.

4.    Humidifiers baffle him…. every time.

5.    He likes to watch tv on the iPad.

6.    He knows how to open doors…. including the refrigerator door.

7.    He knows you’re supposed to touch an iPhone to make things move on it.

8.     He knows that the fastest way to upset me/get my attention is to sit on my computer keyboard so my computer goes haywire. And he likes to push that button daily.

9.     He could sit and watch the washing machine run forever.

10.  He knows he’s got Christopher and I wrapped around his little stubby tail and milks it for all we’re worth.

So Hugo, here’s to year two! May it be a healthy and happy one!

  • November 2, 2013 - 12:11 am

    Sarolta Hershey - Oh my, this is so sweet!

  • November 13, 2013 - 6:54 am

    Stefanie Pace - Awww Happy Belated Birthday, Hugo!