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A San Diego destination wedding is always a good idea. The sun shines most of the year, gorgeous beaches are just a quick drive away, there are so many wonderful historic sites to take photos at, and the food is SO GOOD. Kelvin and TylerMarie got that memo when they planned their wedding at the end of February. After finishing a long distance chapter of their relationship between Forth Worth, Texas and Fallbrook, CA, they took the leap of faith in pursuit of love and tied the knot in Presidio Park, San Diego. It was a simple day with elegant DIY touches, and only their closest family and friends attended the joyous event. Here are some highlight images from their wedding day….San Diego Presidio Park Harbor House Destination WeddingSan_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-02San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-03San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-04San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-05San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-06San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-07San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-08San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-09San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-10San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-11San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-12San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-13San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-14San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-15San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-16San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-17San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-18San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-19San_Diego_Wedding_Photography_Presidio_Park_Harbor_House_Reception_Kelvin_and-TylerMarie-20

Thanks so much to Megan for being my 2nd shooter that day, Simply Adina for the lovely flowers, Twiggs Bakery for the delicious array of cakes, to Harbor House for putting on a lovely dinner reception, and to all of TylerMarie’s and Kelvin’s family for making their day so wonderful! Congrats to the happy couple!


2014 kicked off with Lee and Meghan’s romantic Falkner Winery Wedding, and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful day. But before I get too detailed about the wedding day, let’s rewind a bit. I’ve been friends with Meghan for oh….. 11 years. Yes, that makes me feel really old. But to me, she will always be “Filly”, the truest definition of sweetness and grace I will ever know. We met working at Forest Home and ever since, she’s been one of my dearest friends. Something she probably doesn’t know is that her leadership and grace in our camp days really shaped me. I’m nicer, more gracious, slower to speak, and more loving because of Meghan. And I’m not even exaggerating! I could gush on and on about what an amazing lady she is, but I think maybe I should talk about Lee too. Just to be fair.

Lee came into the picture more recently, but he did so with fireworks. This handsome Marine crossed paths with Meghan at exactly the right moment, literally days before he was deployed. Their meeting was so impactful that their relationship launched right then and there…. and letters, Skype dates, and prayer propelled their love further until he could stand it no longer and got down on one knee. He’s everything she’s prayed for… that we’ve prayed for. And on a sunny January day, those prayers came true.

Surrounded by their closest friends and family (quite a few people invested in this couple, if I might add), they tied the knot at the beautiful Falkner Winery in Temecula, CA. They rented this killer house for all the out of town guests and wedding party to stay in the night before (which I think every Temecula bride should do) and I was in HEAVEN photographing them getting ready! Here are my favorites from the wedding day….


Lee and Meghan, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for your friendship, and thank you for including me in this wonderful occasion. I was so incredibly honored to be your wedding photographer. I look forward to many more hangouts, heart to hearts, and adventures in the future. You are a friend for life and I am so thankful. Love you to the moon, Filly Bean… and you too Lee!

Venue: Falkner Winery

Flowers: Mother of the Bride

DJ/Sound: Michael McNeal, Ovation Entertainment

Hair: Lyndsey Shealy, Salon de Cheveux

Makeup: Sierra Buchanan, Flirt Beauty Bar

Cake/Cupcakes: Truly Madly Sweetly

  • February 22, 2014 - 7:06 am

    Linda Marttila Craner - Beautiful pictures, truly beautiful. Congratulations to Meghan and Lee! What a beautiful wedding. What a beautiful life ahead of you.

  • February 23, 2014 - 6:28 am

    Emma Barker - Gorgeous!!!

If you’ve followed my blogs for a while, you may have heard me talk intermittently about my beginnings as a photographer. It’s been over 5 years since I began my photography business, but the journey started earlier than that. Back in 2007, I took a hiatus from my studies as a biology major to participate in a photography discipleship training school (DTS) with a Christian non-profit by the name of  “Youth With A Mission “(YWAM). It was a move completely out of character for my not-so-spontaneous self…. a “Walter Mitty” move, if you will. I found myself living in a castle in the middle of an East German forest, participating in a photography/missionary school, learning amongst other students from all over the world. For the outreach portion of the school, I went with a team of 10 to Thailand for 10 weeks working with prostitutes in Bangkok and Pattaya as well as putting on programs for hill tribes in the north. Needless to say, I am not the same. Something happened in my heart during that year of missions… and it felt as though I left with the ability to see “the Matrix.” A life of normalcy left the building and an awareness that God’s presence and activity is far greater and glaringly more tangible than I had previously known. What used to be called “impossible” suddenly became just another way God could reach through the curtains of my human capacity and work a miracle. And He did. He continues  to blow me away even today.

That was my start as a photographer. Surrounded by artists and dreamers and doers…. all collaborating and conspiring to do amazing things with God. I think without all of that, the dream of starting my own business might not have come to fruition. So here I am today, established (even though most days I still feel like a newbie) in business as a wedding and portrait photographer with a passion for documenting love and a fire blazing in my bones to find God in it all.

The YWAM school has continued to send out young artists and photographers out into the mission field since my time and it’s been so amazing to see the stories, pictures, and lives changed through this ministry. If you ever want to get a taste of what everyday life looks like for a YWAMer, check out their blog. The leaders of the school of photography have recently asked me and Betsy to travel to their new school in Sarasota, Florida to be a guest instructor for this year’s class of missionary photographers. I can’t even begin to describe to you how much of an honor this is, and I could not be more excited! For a week in March, I will travel to Florida and essentially teach a photography workshop with the students before they head out on their outreaches. What a completely humbling opportunity to give back to missions where I myself found so much of the joy and passion for photography I have now.

Because YWAM is a support driven organization and I am pouring my time and expertise into these mission students, I will need to raise $650 for this trip. My travel dates are March 17-21 and it would be so great to raise this money before I leave on the 17th. And just so you know, it’s not an easy thing for me to ask for financial support…. I’m totally that person who prefers to work hard, not ask anyone for anything, and pay my own way. But I’ve seen God work miracles with finances before… the exact amount I need for something showing up in my mailbox anonymously, hard drives sent the day my computer crashes, complete strangers entering into the journey I’m on by simply hearing God’s voice and acting. I know that all sounds crazy stories, but they’re all true and that’s what gives me the courage to ask you to consider entering into this journey with me in March.

Please don’t feel like you HAVE to give financially… encouraging thoughts, prayers, and comments are just as valuable. Your support, in whatever form you wish to give it, is very much appreciated and I hope you’ll join with me on this adventure back to the mission field. I’m so excited to see how God uses little ol’ me, and all of you, to give what we can to these students in faith that they will be able to document and tell the stories of what God is doing around the world BETTER. If you would like to help me raise the $650 for this trip, here’s how you can…..

YWAM Payment Option





And in case you were curious about what my photos (and photos of me) looked like back in 2007…. here’s a few!


From the Mission Live Conference in Nuremberg.YWAM-02

In Paris for the Paris Photo Exhibition in 2007.YWAM-03

Some photos of me from outreach. (Photo Credit: Jasmin Alber, Kristina Kriegbaum, Tim Scholten)

And a few film photos from the jungle…YWAM-09YWAM-10

  • February 21, 2014 - 5:58 pm

    Jasmin Alber - I`ll never forget this time with you in Thailand!

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-savers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”  –Cecil Beaton

Most days, I don’t feel like an artist… I feel like a business owner. There are so many things to check off the to-do list, so many moving parts to balance, and it feels like everyone is watching. Most days, I succumb to the pressure and work myself silly for the dream. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I feel so blessed to be able to do what I’m passionate about…. but in every dream job, there’s a good portion of work you have to do that’s not part of the dream. For example, it’s tax season…. so in addition to the fun things like shooting and designing, I have to get spreadsheets made and numbers crunched. Yay.

So when Kate asked me if I wanted to take a photo adventure trip with her to Portland Oregon, my heart and mouth simultaneously said a resounding YESSSSSSS. Lots of coffee, silence, beautiful surroundings, time to think, picture taking…. and more coffee sounded like heaven. So we went. On a whim. No plans and no agenda other than to come home feeling creatively revived and ready for 2014.

We breathed deep. We breathed in joy and creativity and freedom. We breathed out stress, the need to be perfect, and our inner critics. In…. hope and courage. Out… the monster of status quo. And as we breathed deep, and explored the pacific northwest, we found ourselves in a place with more room to be. Caffeine jitters kept us warm as we strolled along puddled beaches shrouded in fog, and towering evergreens danced in the rain. We stood and marveled in the rain and felt the cold in our bones. And at the end of everyday felt thankful for our beating hearts and the pulsing urge to create and share the beauty around us.

I came to the conclusion that it GOOD to leave…. to change things up and see that the rest of the world lives different and thrives. Creativity is alive.

iPhone Photos….Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos23Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos25Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos24Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos27Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos28Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos29Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos26

Big Camera Photos…Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos01Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos02Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos03Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos04Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos05Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos06Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos07Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos08Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos09Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos10Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos11Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos12Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos13Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos14Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos15Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos16Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos17Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos18Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos19Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos20Pacific_Northwest_Style_Portraits_Cannon_Beach_Portland_Adventure_Photos21

Just a note: You may have noticed a different style of photography happening in this blog post. That was just me experimenting, allowing myself to be inspired by the dark and dreary PNW, and being an artist. While I enjoyed this particular “feel”, my regularly scheduled post processing style will continue to be my consistent photographic expression. In case you were worried.

  • February 5, 2014 - 12:55 am

    Brooke Bergman Denni - I love Portland. You captured its spirit.

  • February 5, 2014 - 9:08 am

    Nancy Truong - You’re photos and words are Inspiring!