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Holly in Heels

Holly in Heels is the fashion blogger every girl wants to be friends with. She’s fun, she’s got impeccable taste in fashion, and she’s a VERY talented writer! I remember going to a networking event for female creatives last year with Holly and as we walked in, one girl after another came up to her asking “are you Holly in Heels? OMG… I love you!” So if you haven’t visited her blog yet, beware… it will be your new addiction.

Holly doesn’t just write for her famous shoe blog, but she’s also a feature writer for Locale Magazine, and a guest writer for some other big name style blogs. This girl is very quickly establishing herself as an Orange County fashion authority and really loving every bit of it. Like her husband, Trevor Clinard, she too is pursuing her dreams and taking risks. She works hard, plays hard, and dreams big…. such an amazing lady. I shot some frickin awesome photos for her a few weeks ago and I’m SO EXCITED to share my favorites with you…

  • October 26, 2012 - 3:39 pm

    Holly in Heels - You are AMAZING! Love love love the color, light and life you brought to my wardrobe! Reflects my style perfectly, you rule. <3

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