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Happy Friday

My home is currently covered in shredded tissue paper, but I’m okay with it.  I’m okay with it because playing in tissue paper is pretty much the only activity Hugo wants to do by himself…. which means I got work done this week. There are so many new things we’re learning about productivity and priorities when it comes to pet ownership, but I’ve really come to realize how much this little fuzz ball means to me. Even though this weird little creature is is higher maintenance than any 3 year old human I know, I wouldn’t trade all the messes, lost sleep, and missing earrings for anything. Hugo’s personality and innate curiosity is infuriating at times, but mostly he’s just what the doctor called for after a long day of work. So on this wonderful Friday, I hope you’ll find the time to pursue the little warm fuzzies found in unlikely packages, and savor them as just a few of God’s blessings.


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