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David and Asher’s Bay Romantic Area Wedding

It was still dark out when I knocked on Ash’s hotel room door. Bright eyed and bushy-tailed, she opened the door and greeted me with an excited hug. This was the day she would get to marry the love of her life in the middle of a Redwood grove…. her dream wedding. As she finished up getting ready for the day, the sun started through the curtains and rose quietly over a sleepy San Francisco bay. All was calm and a peace hung in the air as we left the hotel for an early morning first look with David. I watched out the window as we made our way to the location and thought how wonderfully good God is. I mean, Ash and David were two people living on opposite sides of the country and they met on a mission trip, traveled all over the world together only to discover they were the love of each other’s lives. (More of there story can be read here.) In that moment…. in the car… I had a moment of such clarity realizing the depth of His love for us and how desperately He wants us to experience it… and how David and Ash’s wedding was just one more example pointing toward this amazing truth. Thank you, Lord.

The rest of the wedding day was just the perfect celebration, of these two. And they got the perfect intimate wedding in the woods like they had hoped! You guys…. if every wedding could be like this one, I’d be the happiest wedding photographer in the world. Here are some of my favorites from the day….


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