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Bear Coast Coffee

Six or seven years ago (it’s all a blur), I remember talking about dream jobs with Jeff and Jamie and some other friends over lunch. It was a time in all of our lives when our aspirations and career dreams were just starting to formulate. We dreamed together about what it would be like to do what we love everyday and get paid to do it… back then those dreams still felt lofty and far off. Since that lunch, we’ve steadily put one foot in front of the other, looking around at one another every once in a while to give a quick “thumbs up” of encouragement before continuing on our paths.

This past weekend, after a thorough chapter of honing his craft and achieving international acclaim, Jeff opened Bear Coast Coffee‘s first permanent location in San Clemente, California. This must-see coffee enthusiast destination is the quintissential nod to California beach culture, located in the heart of San Clemente with a scenic view of the historic pier. Not only is the coffee top notch, but the design and feel of the space is gorgeous, crafted by the esteemed Puertas Design company. Seriously, it’s the best coffee between central Orange County and San Diego. I could not be more proud of Jeff and all his hard work. It’s so inspiring and encouraging to see someone willing to work hard to serve others with his dream of good coffee and good community.

So… If you have the time, steal away and pay them a visit. Grab your cup and sit outside to enjoy the ocean breeze, or walk across the street to the sand and take in the exquisite California coastal experience. It’ll be the best thing you did for yourself all week.


And special thanks to Rich for being a gracious coffee model while we had our business chat. I think this is my new favorite place for business coffee meetings!


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