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About Kate

Welcome to my blog! I’m glad you’re here. My name is Kate Noelle and I’m an international wedding & lifestyle photographer residing in Southern California. I’m a newlywed, a cookie eater, a cat-lover, a friend, a runner and a yogi, an adventurer, and a disciple of Christ. Dessert for breakfast is the best, and my favorite color is gray.

My desire to see with His measure of beauty is the heartbeat to my photos, it makes me come alive. I really do believe life is staggering and that sadly, we’re just used to it. The smell of rain, the turning colors of leaves, even our own love stories…. we somehow stop feeling the magnitude of it all. I wish there was a way to capture these feelings, freeze them in time so I could replay it again and again when I forget. If you’re anything like me, you do too. I suppose that’s the thrill of photography—capturing the transient. Whether your love is the strong silent kind that shows itself in knowing eyes and tender embraces, or if your love is the loud laughter and infectious kind that can barely contain the joy and excitement you feel…. I want to be there. With my camera. Taking snapshots so that time will forever be frozen still. Are you in? I’m stoked.


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